Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sister Ruff Ruff

Wow what an AMAZING week. 
Transfer meeting was on Wednesday and my new companions name is Sister Franks and she came out with me! It has been really amazing to serve with her so far. She is such an amazing missionary. I am serving in the Glen Allen ward in Richmond. It is so good to be here in the heart of the mission with SO many people around to find and teach! 
New Address: 
6712 Miami Ave
Richmond, VA

Friday I we went to the missionary leadership council and I learned SO MUCH about being a missionary and about being bold and helping people to make and keep commitments. How to set expectations the first visit you have with them so they who you are and what your purpose is and what you are going to do to help them come closer to Christ. I am extremely grateful to be apart of the missionary council. I am so grateful to be able to serve around such amazing missionaries, I have learned so much from them already! 

As we were leaving from a lesson, we pass someone who was walking into the apartment complex we were walking out of. I hate to say it but... we walked past him and didn't say anything. Since he was prepared and we were supposed to talk to him, the Spirit told him to talk to us. He ran up to us and said, "Hey are you guys Mormons?" We said we were and he said that he has some coupons to give us. GREAT. But even better, he had met with missionaries when he lived in Rode Island, and said that his favorite part of the Book of Mormon was when King Benjamin gives his speech in front of all the people and they couldn't all hear it so he wen't on a tower. His name is Desmond and he pretty much new a ton about the Book of Mormon! We met with him again yesterday and he had already read the scriptures we asked him to. He shared some super powerful spiritual experiences. I am just so amazed at how prepared he is! I know that Heavenly Father cares about everyone and put his missionaries in the paths of those who need it. 

We had dinner with a less active on Thurday (after we had two lunches I might add) and Brother Rodriguez had a GIANT dog. While we were talking the dog decides to go right in between my legs. Like seriously I felt like I was riding a horse! This was probably the most awkward moment in the whole world. Also Sister Franks and I were literally praying as they gave us desert. Bite after bite after bite. I never thought I would say this, I am sick of eating!

On Thursday the missionaries have a Book of Mormon class. Here I was able to meet the amazing Senior Couple who also serves in our ward, the Schrecks. They are super funny and great missionaries. I was also able to meet some of the recent converts we are working with. One of them is named Everett and he is seriously so funny. He bore his testimony for the first time this Sunday and went to the temple this Saturday for his second time, so he is progressing really well! He gives all the missionaries nick names and mine is Sister Ruff Ruff haha. 

This week I have truly felt the Savior walking with me. I know that we are never alone. I am extremely grateful each day to tell others who I am. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. As I think about those words and what they mean, they give me a greater desire to become more like Him. "What does it mean to walk with the Lord? It means to do what He does, to serve the way He serves. He sacrificed His own comforts to bless those in need, so that's what we try to do. He seemed to take particular notice of people who were overlooked and even shunned by society, so we should try to do that too. He testified boldly yet lovingly of the true doctrine He received from His Father, even if it was unpopular, and so must we. He said to all, "Come unto me", and we say to all, "Come unto Him."" I know that as we serve others and act the way Jesus Christ would, others will come to know Him through you. What a blessing that is. 
Alma 29:9
"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy." 
There is no work more rewarding than bringing others closer to Jesus Christ. To help them see their potential and who they can become. I know as we forget ourselves, and focus on others that is when we will truly become instruments in His hands. My joy is completely full every day as I serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day-saints. 

-Sister Ruffner

King George and the super small church building, the awesome empty nesters family home evening group, George Washingtons birthplace, and Colonial Beach!
Sister Franks, and our MLC meeting