Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Feel I've Done Some Good This Week

School is back in session! This week JMU was filled again with students waiting to receive the gospel. We went on campus for a while on Tuesday and on Thursday because we have institute those days. After institute, we still had a while before the bus was going to come so we walked around and talked to some people. Two people that talked to us the most went to church when they were younger and knew a lot about it. We then went to wait for the bus and someone was sitting alone on the bench so we sad next to her and asked how she was. She asked us where we were from and we told her Utah. She asked what brought us out here? We told her how we are missionaries. She said her and her friend wanted to come to our church a while back but didn't do enough research to find out where the church was. We were able to give her the church address, get her Facebook information, and give her a Book of Mormon! We ended up getting on the same bus, so we were able to talk for a while. Finding sure does bring some pretty great miracles.

Roshat messaged us this week and said that he has a question for us but he doesn't want any members there... um... this made us a little nervous. We met with him at the church and it was just a super simple question regarding some rules in the church. It was nothing to be worried about at all! We asked him if he believes the things we have been teaching him are true. He bore his testimony for seriously five minutes about how he knows this church is true. He said he wouldn't be wasting his time if it wasn't true. He wouldn't have messaged us back on Facebook if he didn't know it was true. When he comes to church and meets with us, he has a feeling in his body that tells him the church is true. This church gives him peace and knowledge. He knows the church us true! Wow, that was a very special moment. He asked us how many people should come to his baptism. He said, he doesn't want a big crowd, and he only wants people from the church to come. Baptism is definitely in his plans for the near future! He really wants his son Younes to come to church too but, he said we are going to have to be patient with him because he is shy. Roshat is already being such a great missionary. Seriously! He came to church late on Sunday because he got home from work at 3:30am and didn't get to bed until 4am. But he still made it! In gospel principles class, we were talking about ways to prepare for the sacrament. We were talking about listening to the prelude music and how music can really bring the Spirit. Roshat raised his hand and told us that he drives an uber (like a taxi you can order to come pick you up on your phone). Saturday night is party night of course for all the students so he spent his night driving around drunk students. When the students would get in the car, they would tell Roshat to turn on 92.1 (or whatever the cool radio station is) and he would turn on a song about Jesus instead. The students would cry because they felt guilty and they felt bad that they were drinking. Roshat would tell them that they were making bad choices and that they need to repent. Go Roshat! Spreading the message of Jesus Christ!

This week we had another moment of heart attack. Right as I was about to knock on this persons door they open the door and were going to take out the trash. I jumped and screamed "OH MY!" Sister Sorensen jumped and said something under her breath. They guy who opened the door fell backwards into his stairs with a terrified look on his face. We all took a moment to breathe and then he took out the trash and we gave him our card. haha :) 

We met someone named Carolina as we were tracting one day. She said we could come back later in the week and when we came back she asked how our religion is different from other Christians. We taught her the restoration and she really liked it. She has always wondered about all the different churches and how they all believe different things. She asked if she doesn't wear something to cover her hair, or if she wears makeup if she is sinning? She just wants to follow God, but doesn't know which way is right. As she reads the Book of Mormon she is going to come to know this is the truth. We are meeting with her again this week! 

HUGE MIRACLE. As we were tracting last week (as you can tell we do a lot of that) we knocked on Diran's door. He was not interested. He accepted a Book of Mormon at the door and didn't want to give us his contact information. Sister Sorensen said that my face fell when he said that, than he said he would give us his Facebook information. I have been messaging him on Facebook and he said that he didn't want to tell us at the door but he doesn't believe in God. He has studied out the Bible and different religions, but believes that all Christians are brainwashed. It is all made up and none of it is true. In messenger he said, "thanks. bye." So I told him that I wish him well and hope he finds happiness in his life and things like that. I thought the conversation was over. He then messaged me a few days later and said, "Happy Weekend". We messaged about our weekends and I of course mentioned church and invited him to come and give it a try. He said he has studied the Bible and how Christianity came about and believes it was all made by man. I shared with him the apostacy and restoration, he messaged back, "There are no prophets, no saints, no angels, no demons, no Gods, and no God, they are all human ideas." I asked what he believes is the purpose of life? He said "experience, we are here to experience." Then asked what I believe the purpose of life is? I told him the first half of the Plan of Salvation, like pre-earth, Adam and Eve, agency, etc. Then he asked if I live close to him. I said yes, and he asked if I could come over and talk with him more. YES! He works 12 hours every day throughout the week but we are going by on Saturday to teach him more! What a miracle! Diran is searching for the truth and he found it! Facebook really can be used for good. The Spirit still works through Facebook.
We were talking with a recent convert who lives by him and she said she didn't believe in God, but after reading the Book of Mormon for a week she started to believe. We are definitely bringing her. :) 

This was a special week where we were able to celebrate the life of President Thomas S. Monson. I love and adore this Prophet. I truly know he was a prophet of God. I have learned so much from him about love and service and listening to the Spirit over the years. He is the prophet I remember the most. I loved the part where President Monson would say, "I feel I've done some good today." I hope we all can say that each day. What is a day without service? I know the cure to stress, frustration, and grief can be found in serving others. President Monson will be missed, but I am very grateful for President Nelson! I feel the love that comes from him and am very grateful for Jesus Christ always haveing a prophet to guide us. We are never left alone and will never be lead astray in this church! 

As we were shopping today at Walmart, a lady started talking to us about how she has been texting her friends every morning, "Good morning!" and they feel so blessed for that. We asked if she believed in God and she went off about her beliefs and her conversion story. She is a new member of the church that just moved here. She doesn't know where the church is around here. We were able to tell her and get all her information to go visit her! I know Heavenly Father watches out for all of his children no matter where they are! 

Something that stood out to me this week is knowing that we are not perfect. We don't have to be perfect at everything in this life. It is never going to happen. But we always need to be improving. We wont be perfect at everything, but we can be perfect at some things! We can be perfect at going to church, reading the scriptures every day, saying your prayers. As we do the small things, Heavenly Father will make BIG things happen. I know this is true. It is important to not be overwhelmed with all we need to do, but to improve ourselves each day. I am grateful for this gospel and the opportunity I have to start over and work my hardest every day. 

Well, I have good news, I will be staying in Harrisonburg for the next six weeks! I am very happy about that! I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. I have loved serving with Sister Sorensen SO MUCH! As you can see in the picture, Andrew is pretty sad she is leaving as well haha. 

Remember to make your day one where you can say at the end, "I feel I've done some good today." 

❤ Sister Ruffner

The Coldest Week In a Decade

Yes, this past week has been the coldest week Virginia has had in a decade! You can call me a popsicle because I was FROZEN. But nothing stops the work from moving forward! We were still able to find 5 new investigators this week. I know when we do our best that the Lord magnifies our efforts. 

Update on Roshat, he is progressing SO well! During our third lesson with him ever, he started to testify to us that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God! He kept saying, why wouldn't God call prophets now, He had prophets in the Bible it just makes sense that we would have prophets today as well. Sister Sorensen and I were practically falling off our seats with excitement! He said that he had a dream the other night that we were in the mountains with him and he saw these stones with writing on them and we were studying the Bible. Then that night we came over and taught him the 10 commandments. He said he predicted the future in his dream. So that is pretty cool. Before our lesson he messaged us and said that he wasn't going to be able to make it home in time for the lesson so we could have it at the library or something so he could keep working in Harrisonburg. Then he changed his mind and felt like he needed to go home so he could meet with us. Well, on Sunday he told us, that night he checked his car and the oil was leaking and the oil in his car was really low. So it would have been really bad for him to keep driving. He said that God is watching out for him and blessing him for meeting with us! I am so glad that Roshat is noticing the blessings that come as he lives the gospel and strives to follow Jesus Christ. Roshat was saying that he is going to be the first Kurdish to get baptized! He is really excited for that. I don't know if that is true, but it is nice seeing him so excited to get baptized! 
He came to church on Sunday. This was my first time going to fast Sunday in this area so I had no idea what the testimonies are like here. The Bishop is the first one that bears his testimony. He starts talking about how there are so many people who don't like the church and there are so many anti things out there to tear down the church like, people saying we are a cult, polygamy, Kolob, and he just kept going. Oh my Sister Sorensen and were kind of freaking out inside but Roshat didn't say anything about it so all is well! Roshat has a son named Younes who has been sitting in on some of the lessons. He came to church with his dad this week! They finally were able to stay all three hours. It was a great Sunday! :) 

There is a member in the first ward who comes to institute sometimes and brought his sister a couple of weeks ago. His name is Scott and he is the only member in his family. He faithfully comes to church and is a really great guy. Well, we get a text saying that his sister wants to meet with us! So we go over on Thursday night and she pulled out a Book of Mormon and said she had been reading some of it and some verses stuck out to her. 2 Nephi 25:23-26 talking about teaching their children about Christ. She asked us what that means to us. She had two little kids and want them to have a good life. She has been to a few different churches but hasn't been in a while. Her brother has been such a big example to her and has gotten her to want to come to church as well. Her name is Amanda and we are excited to keep teaching her! It is amazing to see how powerful being an example is. Scott is the only member of his family and they are starting to notice the blessings that come from that. 

This week we went tracting and I thought I was going to die. We had to do it 30 minutes at a time. Only after that short time, I could not feel my toes! People would keep asking us why we were out today, or you picked a bad day to do this, or you need to go home and get warm! But we would keep going. We were still able to give away many Book of Mormons, we promise people that this Book will answer any question they have in their life. The Book of Mormon truly does answer the questions of the soul. "Only the gospel will save the world from the calamity of its own self destruction. Only the gospel will unite men of all races and nationalities in peace. Only the gospel will bring joy, happiness, and salvation to the human family." That is why we kept going! There truly is nothing I would rather be doing. "Forward pressing forward!" 

I was chatting with someone on Facebook this week and he said that we are enemies in the eyes of Christ because of how much we sin. He sent me a link that said, You may have accepted Christ but, has He accepted you? This broke my heart. I truly know that there is nothing that can separate us from His love. That was the motivation the Savior had as he suffered in Gethsemane. That is the motivation that Heavenly Father had as He let His Son suffer and ask if there wasn't another way. I know Heavenly Father will never move away from us, we are the ones who move away from Him. I think about how quick the Lord is to forgive and I know that He wants us to repent so that He can forgive us. That is why He suffered more than man can suffer, so we can be helped and strengthened in any time of need. 
I love this gospel with all my heart. I am grateful for the knowledge I have been given and the opportunity I have to teach what I know. I am grateful that we are able to continue to learn new things each day. I know that Jesus Christ lives and He loves us more than we can imagine. You never have to worry about Christ accepting you because He already did that. He paid the price, now we just have to follow Him. 

❤ - Sister Ruffner

A Full Year As a Full Time Missionary

On Tuesday I started chatting on Facebook with a guy named Andrew. He is 29 years old and was super willing to meet up and read the Book of Mormon! So we met him on Thursday at the downtown library. He walked up to us and said he couldn’t sleep at all the night before because he was so excited to meet his new friends. We go into a study room to start talking and after we started to teach, a lady and her older daughter walk in and sit down on a table behind us. We continue to teach the Restoration. As we shared the first vision in Jospeh Smiths own words he kept saying, “Wow.” At the end of our lesson, he asks if we would be able to give him a ride to his grandparents house. We told him we can’t give rides in the mission cars. The lady behind us says! “I could give you a ride.” Andrew says, “No thanks, I can walk it’s not very far.” The lady replies with a creepy smirk in her face, “We are all Christians here, you don’t need to be afraid of me.” Immediately I felt the heebie jeebies. This lady was not giving me good vibes. We finish our lesson, say a prayer, and get up to leave and this lady points at our investigator and says, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Emergency lights were flashing inside of me, don’t let her! Don’t let her! She is going to tell him anti Mormon things! But we left... and Andrew stayed... right when we left the room we were freaking out and said a prayer to know the best thing we could do. When we opened our eyes he was walking down the hall. We call out to him and tell him to come over. We say that we forgot to give him a picture of Jesus Christ. He said thanks and was excited to meet again! Phew! What a relief! We literally went through so many emotions in the last 20 min. We have been keeping daily contact through Facebook chat and video call and everything is going well! 

We taught Roshat on Saturday the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! We read him a scripture from the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 2 about how the fall was actually a good thing and he completely agreed! He said, “that is true.” He asked if it is hard to join the church and how he can get into the Celestial kingdom. We then put him on date for baptism on Feb. 3! We now have 4 investigators on date! He also came to church and we sang a lot of hymns. He was singing his heart out and said when we come over agin we need to practice the songs haha. He is so cool! 

Well, this has been the greatest year. I learned SO MUCH. I know for sure that Jesus Christ lives. Heavenly Father is aware of us and is willing and ready to help us accomplish all we need to. I have learned how to truly repent and change my life. I know that is the purpose of our lives. We have divine potential but, we will never reach it without setting goals and repenting each day. The Book of Mormon changes hearts. It can penetrate a hard heart and grow anyone’s testimony. That Book has power. I have learned the the most selfless work is the most rewarding. Enormous amounts of joy come into our lives as we help others to come closer to Christ. There is no better work and none that brings more joy. 
Happy new year! Let us start the year by repenting and having an increased dedication to follow our Savior and be a useful instrument in his hands!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

O Little Town of Harrisonburg

Merry Christmas!
This week was so amazing! Thanks for all that sent me something. It was especially special as I was able to serve as a missionary! 

This week we were able to hear from Sherri Dew as she gave us some great advice on how sometimes it is hard to get answers to hard questions we pray about but it is in the wrestle that converts us. We also each have divine orbits. If we keep our covenants, we will be in the right places at the right times in our lives. 
It was tons of fun being able to see all my previous companions and the other sisters I have served with! What a great all mission conference. 

We also met Roshat. He was in the army and one of his captains was a member and a girl that he dated before was a member as well. He has been to church once a while ago and really liked it. When he moved to America he has been to a ton of different churches with rock bands and they ask for money and things like that which he doesn’t like. He thinks the services should be more reverent. He found the church again online and we started to message him on Facebook. Technology isn’t just another tool for us to find people but, for the elect to find us! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he came to church on Sunday! He really liked it and asked how he can be a member! I am super excited to keep teaching him! 

Linda is an investigator we have been working with and this week we were able to meet her husband! We taught him the first lesson and asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! Excited to keep teaching him as well! We now have more people on date for baptism! I love this area. 

I trained Sister Jackson a little less than a year ago and we were able to go on exchanges this last week. Just like old times. As we were walking the streets of downtown Harrisonburg, we met a guy named Chops. He said that he has been to a lot of different churches but doesn’t like any of them. We started to share the differences in this church from others and told him about the Book of Mormon. He stopped us and said, “I have to tell you something, I woke up this morning and told God that I was sick of being a drunk and I needed his help.” We told him that we were the answer to his prayer. He said he believed that as well! 

Especially this week as we go from door to door and people don’t want to let us in, I think about all those who would never let the Savior in. Even before He was born. There was no room for Him in the inn. The Son of God was born in a manger in that little town of Bethlehem over two thousand years ago. “The hopes and fears of all the years” were made in Him that night. Before we came to earth we testified that He would come. Now we can testify that He did. He came to earth and accomplished all that He said He would. I was not there that special day when Jesus was born. But this year He can be born in our hearts. “Where meek souls will receive him, still The dear Christ enters in.” Let us remember the gratitude we have for our Savior all through this next year. 

♥️ Sister Ruffner 

‘‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Since it is Christmas time, and we are striving to Light the World with the Light of the World, on day 14 we wrapped up Book of Mormons and walked around campus and gave them to students. There were so many people who gladly accepted them. One girl gave us a big hug and said that she really needed it. We got her number and are going to meet with her! You can always count on the Book of Mormon to change hearts.

One very cold night it was very dark outside. We slowly walk up to a house and knock on the door. We hear people talking inside but can’t understand what they are saying. We wait... no one answers the door. So we slip a card into the door and leave. We walk to the next house and knock... no one answers the door. As we walk down the stairs and head to the next house we see a man walk out of the shadows holding a shovel. He yells at us, “Hey! Did you knock on my door?!” We answer, “yes” “When people yell who is it, do you just not answer?” “We didn’t hear anyone say that. Sorry” we proceeded to tell him who we were and he started to get very upset. “Your religion isn’t true! You are going to hell!” I asked him if his church has everything that Jesus Christ’s Church had in the Bible. He got stumped, we told him to read the Book of Mormon, and we walked away. I was not about to end the night like this. Because this week we are working on diligence, we “press forward, with a perfect brightness of hope.” We knock on the door across the street, not interested. We knock on the next door. Tamela opens and the first thing she says to us, “Come in!” We gladly enter, “shame on my neighbors for not letting you in.” We gave her a Book of Mormon, taught her the Restoration, and set up a return appointment. Do you know what that means? It means, we found a new investigator! She is super awesome and I am super excited to be able to teach her. Heavenly Father never sends His missionaries home feeling disappointed. This day we experienced the blessings of being diligent! 

On another note, we went to see Debbie! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of baptism. She is on date to be baptized on February 3rd! She is very excited and knows that this is what she needs to do this year. New year, new Debbie! 

How excited I am to celebrate the Saviors birth this year in Harrisonburg being able to give my personal witness of the divinity of our Savior. What a special time of year. 
“The Saviors descent to humanity was personally announced by the Savior to Nephi on that first “Christmas Eve”: “Behold, the time is at hand... on the morrow come I into the world.” Oh, the magnitude of that sacrifice, that condescension! That night, God the Son traded his heavenly home with all its celestial adornments for a mortal abode with all its primitive trappings. He “the King of heaven”, “the Lord Omnipotent who reigneth”, left a throne to inherit a manger. He exchanged the dominion of a god for the dependence of a babe. He gave of wealth, power, dominion, and the fulness of his glory -for what?- for taunting, mocking, humiliation, and subjection. It was a trade of unparalleled dimension, a condescension of incredible proportions, a descent of incalculable depth. And so, the great Jehovah, creator of worlds without number, infinite in virtue and power, made his entry into this world in swaddling clothes and a manger.” -Tad R. Callister 
How grateful I am for all that Jesus Christ has done for us. 

❤️ Sister Ruffner 
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Goodbye Richmond! Hello... Mountains?

Monday and Tuesday were days full of goodbyes. Oh my do I hate goodbyes. There are a lot of people in Richmond who I love a whole lot. But, I am now excited to say a whole lot of hellos! 

Wednesday was transfer day and Sister Perry and I with another set of Elders were able to do the Q&A panel for the brand new missionaries. The first question that was asked, "What are you looking forward to when you go home?" Um... It really blows my mind how fast my mission is going and I am loving every second of it. There is no where I would rather be than right here in Virginia. 

We go to transfer meeting and my new companion is Sister Sorensen and we are serving in Harrisonburg YSA! This is Sister Sorenson's last transfer of her mission. We are replacing Elders so we both have no idea about anything haha. It is about 2 hours away from Richmond. On the drive what do we see? The mountains! I saw a little bit of mountains when I served in Charlottesville but, now I see them every time I look out the window! That, along with the snow, gives me a glimpse of Utah. ALSO, I am in a ward serving with Sister Franks and Sister Winder. It has been so much fun being able to serve with Sister Franks again! We also live with Sister Jackson and Sister Bleak. So it is just like almost a year ago when I was serving with Sister Jackson in Fredericksburg. 

Since I am serving YSA we get to do a lot of finding on JMU campus which has been a lot of fun. It is pretty weird teaching people my age but, a lot easier to relate. We went on campus this week and had a sign that says, This Christmas, How will you light the world? and Sister Franks and I would stand in the middle of the walkway and pass out cards and try to get people to come over and write on a sticky note a way they are going to light the world. It was terrifying! haha. I am always being given opportunities to go out of my comfort zone to share the gospel. We also get to go to institute which is super awesome. Aw man I love institute! I learned so many cool things I didn't know before. 
Good news though, since it is almost Christmas break and everyone will be going home, our ward is also a family ward. There are not enough YSA to have their own ward. So I will still have somewhere to go for Christmas. 

Since we replaced Elders, we have no notes or anything. They really didn't leave us with much at all. But we did go see an investigator who they were teaching her grandkids and then she started to get interested as well. We found her on facebook and she let us come over! We were able to answer a lot of her questions and after she said that she has been baptized in a lot of other churches, why not this church too? haha we will work on that but, she wants to be baptized! 

I am very excited to serve in this part of the Lord's vineyard for the next 6 weeks and hopefully more! I am constantly grateful for the opportunity I have had to be a missionary for all this time. I am constantly being blessed as I labor among Heavenly Father's children. This is the best time to be a missionary. People's hearts are open and wanting to serve and to give. "We find real joy when we make the Savior the focus of the season." -Thomas S. Monson Remember this Christmas season who's birth we celebrate. It is only through Jesus Christ we are able to feel complete joy. "His life, which is central to all human history, neither began in Bethlehem nor concluded on Calvary. He was the Firstborn of the Father, the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeemer of the World" -The Living Christ. 

My new address 

🌲 Sister Ruffner

I"ll Go Where You Want Me To Go

It has been a glorious past 4.5 months serving the Lord in Richmond. I love the people I have been able to meet while serving here and am going to miss them bunches. I am excited to see where Heavenly Father needs me next! 

Facebook continues to be a useful tool in finding people to teach! We have been messaging a guy named Roger. He agreed to meet us at Panera and talk more about our message. We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and he gratefully accepted it! He is excited to read the Book and meet with us again. 

I am super happy to have started to light the world! On December 1st I was able to go on exchanges in Gayton with Sister Kennard. Our goal to "freely give" was to give away 5 Book of Mormons. Well, we started the day going to get an oil change and tires rotated for the car. That unexpectedly took about 3 hours. Then we went tracting in this neighborhood and we weren't finding much success. Not many people were home. So we tried somewhere else, same results. We got in the car and said a prayer to know where we can go to be able to reach our goal and find those who are searching for truth. We both decided on a street and start tracting. We gave away four Book of Mormons on that street! Including the very last house we tried. It was such an amazing night. Then after dinner we went to an apartment complex and the first door we knocked on didn't answer, so we knocked again, didn't answer so we knocked again and they finally answered. Her name is Connie and she is super interested! She gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and said she is excited to read it, anything to learn more about her Savior Jesus Christ! She just moved here and is still looking for a church. They are going back to see her on Saturday. Super nice lady! 
Sister Kennard and I made a few goals for that day and Heavenly Father helped us to accomplish all of them!

This weekend was stake conference. I love stake conference because we always get to see President and Sister Smith. On Saturday morning, we get a text from Desiree saying that she wants to come to our service that night! She asked us what she should wear and for all the details. It was so good to see her come! She brought a notebook and took a lot of notes. She said it was very different from what she was used to but that she enjoyed it! 
Also Sergey came as well! He is still reading and progressing in the gospel. 

As we were tracting last night before dinner, we met a character. His name was Chief. He got out of jail about a year ago and has been writing music every since. We knocked on his neighbors door and he opened his door so we just scooted over and started talking with him. We asked if he believes in Jesus Christ and he said, "Of course! I'll be right back" when he came back he had one of his CD's to give us. Then he said again, "I'll be right back" and came back out with another CD for us. He took a picture of us holding the Book of Mormon and his CD. He said that he is going to promote our Book. Unexpected things always happen when tracting. You never know who is going to be behind each door. 

Yesterday was the Christmas Devotional which was so good! Even know the tree's are blooming, I am starting to get into the holiday spirit. How grateful I am for the gift that Heavenly Father has given to us. He wants to give us all that He has and it is through His Only Begotten Son that we are able to do that. "Jesus Christ is the living manifestation of divine love." Let us remember and be grateful for the wonderful gift He has given to us by loving and serving others this Christmas. I am extremely grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He came to earth to do for us what we are not able to do for ourselves. It is through Him that we are able to have peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is also Friend of Friends. It is through Him that I am able to do what I do each day. I would not be on a mission if it weren't for Him. I am grateful to be able to share this message with the people I see every day. There is no greater calling. I love being a missionary. I am grateful to have a Heavenly Father to pray to in every time of need. I know He hears and answers prayers. I have experienced that again this week. "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." Helaman 5:12

❤ Sister Ruffner