Monday, March 13, 2017

Soul Savin Sista

Remember how last week we had 6 investigators at church? Well, they all came AGAIN! They love church and are really looking to change their lives! It is the best. There was a baptism in another ward on Saturday and so we invited Chrissy and Patrick to come and they did and brought all of their kids. It was crazy. They have some pretty crazy kids. After we watched the baptism, Chrissy turns to me and asks, "What do I need to do to be baptized?" After it was over, she asked me again! She has such a big desire to change and be baptized! It is amazing the change I have seen in her since the first time we met walking around the trailer park to now. We had to buy her a dress to wear a couple weeks ago but she went out and bought a church outfit, and they bought all of the kids dresses and button up shirts to look nice for church. At the baptism one of the kids named Juliana asked how old you need to be to be baptized. We told her 8 and she got really excited because she is 10 and really wants to be baptized! 

We were visiting this part member family one day and there dog comes up to me jumps on my leg and peed all over my foot and shoe. It was super gross. On my mission I have grown to really dislike dogs, they just cause so many problems... (I still love you Foxy) 

The ward boundaries changed not too long ago and we went to go see a new family who just got moved into the ward. They were baptized this November and were Jehovah Witnesses before. Seriously on a mission, anything is possible. But we met the family and oh my gosh they are adorable! I love them so much already! The family just celebrated their very first birthday when Melanie turned 7. They also had their first Christmas this year. It is a really exciting time for them right now! 

If any of you haven't already, read the book Jesus the Christ. I know it is really big and I never picked it up until this past week because it intimidated me how big it was. But oh my gosh it is so good! I have learned so much from reading just a couple of chapters so far. If you want to know more about Jesus Christ I highly recommend reading Jesus the Christ. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. He is so much more than a prophet, He is the Son of God who willingly volunteered to perform the Atonement for us. He is completely filled with love. He is our brother and can be our best friend there to help us through anything we go through. He is the ultimate example and teacher. He never missed an opportunity to teach others about the gospel. He is so humble, always giving glory to Heavenly Father. He does Heavenly Fathers will no matter what. He knew His purpose on earth and completed it. He is constantly there for everyone and invites ALL to come unto Him. Death truly has no sting, we can start over again, and again. 
"Because of Him
Guilt becomes peace,
Regret becomes relief, 
Despair becomes hope.
Because of Him,
We have second chances,
clean slates, 
New beginnings,
There is no such thing
as the end."

and I love you too!!!

-Sister Ruffner :)

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