Monday, October 17, 2016

Country Town

Well, I finally made it to Virginia! My first area is the Tappahannok area which is a tiny town by the ocean! It is country as country can get out here and I still don't know how I feel about it haha. My new companion in Sister Tibbits. She is the most positive and cute person ever, I am so lucky to have her as a new companion and trainer. I am going to miss Sister Johnson tons and know she will be such an amazing missionary!

Some things I have learned about Virginia: 
I feel like I am learning a new language, I can't understand half of what people are saying out here because their accents are so strong.
There are SO MANY squirrels! Like seriously everywhere I look I see at least 3.
Most people don't have all their teeth.
This most definitely is the Bible belt.
I have at least 20 bug bites on each leg.
Breathing is so much easier. I feel like I could run forever!
These people here are so humble.
My hair is SO FRIZZY in the humidity!

Monday the first day I got here we already went tracting. I got chased by a scary dog within the first 30 minutes of me being there. So you could say I am living the missionary life over here. We taught a crazy part member family about the restoration and helped them have family home evening which was fun. Their daughter is getting ready to be baptized so that is super exciting!
On Tuesday we taught Janice who just got baptized not too long ago. It was an awesome experience. She has such a strong testimony. The greatest thing is when we went to go teach her again, she had a friend over named Michelle who is struggling and who isn't a member of the Church. What a miracle! We taught her and she came to church on Sunday! She was crying and felt the Spirit so strongly.
There is this girl named Ruby who is the sassiest funniest black lady I have ever met in my life. She cracks me up so much! I can't understand a lot of what she says because her accent is so strong but she loves us missionaries so much and I can't help but love her to death. We taught her the Restoration and she told us that she is Baptist and she isn't leaving her church. She told us a little bit about her family and I told her that it sounds like she really loves her family. She said that of course she loves them so much. I told her that I know through the temple they could be together forever. She said but only through your church? I said yes, your church doesn't believe in that. She had to leave then, but I think that really made her think. I am so excited to go back and teach her the Plan of Salvation.
Saturday we were able to go set up a booth at the farmers market. This was a really interesting experience. I have not received so much rejection in my entire life. It is really hard to keep talking to everyone when only a few ever stop to talk to you. I love wearing Christ's name on my badge everywhere I go, but when people see it, lots of them stay clear from you and say they aren't interested. Other times they come up to you and kiss your hand... We passed out a ton of family history brochures so I'd say it was a success.
Later that day, we went to see a potential investigator at their house. We were sitting in the car planning for a while what we were going to say, and finally went to the door. No one was there but while we were waiting a car drove up into the parking lot and a family hopped out. We went over and started talking to the dad and he was super interested. We prayed with him and gave him a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet. This was no coincidence and I am so grateful for Heavenly Father putting this person in our path.
Sunday was such a great day!!!! Michelle came to church with Janice. It was the primary program which is always my favorite. Since I was the new missionary they made me pray at everything. Like I mean sacrament and at all of the meetings. I think it is a little initiation or something haha. We had lunch at the Pasketts  who live on the beach and are the nicest family ever! I have missed a nice home cooked meal so much. Later that night, we met with German and his son German. There is a little bit of a language barrier between us, he speaks mostly Spanish. We have him read a Spanish version of something and then we talk about it. He really wants to get baptized which is so cool! We had him planned for later this month, but he might be moving soon and he told us that he wants to be baptized before he moves! What a miracle!
Something that I learned this week is how important faith is. Sometimes you really don't find many people to teach or they say that they are never going to change. It can be really easy to get discouraged and just give up. If you don't have faith and try your very best nothing is going to happen. My faith has grown so much the past week, and I am ready for the weeks to come. I know that the Lord is preparing people to receive the Gospel and putting them in my path. Continue to have faith in you life, even when things go wrong. Remember that Heavenly Father does everything for a reason. Everything he has done is for our benefit. We came to this Earth to learn and grow. Don't lose faith. Keep searching, and trust me, I will be doing the same thing over here in Virginia.
Love you tons!

All my love,
Sister Ruffner

New address: 
25 Towncenter Way Apt 6
Warsaw, VA 22572

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