Thursday, November 17, 2016

But Baby it's Cold Outside

Remember how I talked about the Hallowclean? Well it was a contest and
Sister Tibbits and I won for our zone! Our apartment is so homey and
we even put up the Christmas tree which makes me so happy. It is
getting colder and colder as the days go by. When we woke up the other
day and looked outside everything was white! It was all frost, it
hasn't snowed yet but it is very cold! Which normally would be a bad
thing, but people feel bad for us when we knock on the door and let us
in out of the cold.

That crazy part member family that I taught on my very first day here,
well we have been teaching their daughter named Kiersten all of the
lessons. She has the sweetest spirit and decided to get baptized! It
was such a special moment for her she was so excited and ready. She is
9 years old and it has been so fun going to teach her and her family
all of the lessons. I know that she will set a good example for her
parents and her siblings as she lives righteously.

I don't think I have ever talked about Ella before, but Ella is an
older woman who has grown up in the Pentecostal church. Her dad was
the minister but has since passed away. That is the thing that is
holding her back the most from being baptized, she feels like she
would be betraying her father. She always keeps her reading
commitments and things like that and she knows that our church is true
but she just doesn't want to change. We invited her to the baptism and
she actually came! It was such a wonderful surprise! She came 30
minutes early so that we could give her a church tour before the
baptism. Of course the time we have an investigator here for the
baptism, Kierstens family is 40 minutes late! Ugh It was not a great
first impression but she was able to stay and see the baptism
performed. I think she was surprised at how simple it was. But she
enjoyed it and I am excited to follow up with her.

We have also been teaching a girl named Paula. She loves God and loves
the scriptures! She loves it so much when we come and visit her, she
also has a disability so she is always home when we come over. Which
is so so nice (and sad) People are never home, seriously everyone here
is just way to busy or is avoiding us a lot. I like to say that they
are just really busy. :) Anyway, she was having a rough day the other
day and we went and talked to her about Gods love for her and that she
can be with her family again. She can be with her family forever
through the temple. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes
that she would work towards her date! Now we just have to figure out
how we are going to get her to church with her wheelchair...

I finally finished the cigarette box that we made for Janice! I really
hope that it helps her. She is getting so much better but still has to
quit before she can go to the temple. She loves to invite her friends
to church which is so fun! She is such a great member missionary. :)

In case you forgot, I love being a missionary! This work is so
important and so special! My testimony grows more and more everyday. I
miss and love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sister Ruffner

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