Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Hallow"clean"

Yes, the subject says Hallowclean. How exciting right? This year for Halloween all of the missionaries in Virginia will be in their apartments cleaning. We need to be off the streets by 5pm to be safe and not to confuse anyone. Sometimes people dress as missionaries which could be super confusing for people. It's like trick or treating but WE are the ones giving out the greatest treat in the world! 

Well, this week has been super crazy. We dropped three of our investigators and that made me really sad but it showed God that we are ready to find new people who are ready and willing to accept the Gospel. We prayed so hard for new people to teach who would accept our message, and we totally did! I know that this is the work of the Lord and when we put our trust in Him, that is when we are going to see miracles. 

We wen't tracting everyday obviously but one day as we were walking around these three boys started walking up to us. We got a little nervous but once they realized that we were missionaries they became super respectful and one of them, Taylor, became really interested in what we had to say. He was the oldest of the three and they were all brothers. We talked to him about religion and he said that he went to church everyday. He has read the Bible multiple times and is trying to be a good person and a good example to his brothers. He is trying to find the right path. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he is going to go home and read it with his brothers. He was so willing and interested! We asked him for his number and he said that he doesn't have a phone. Ugh, that made me kind of upset because he seemed so golden and we have no way of getting a hold of him! He said that he will see us around. I was like okay ya sure. But oh boy was he right! We have run into him everyday since. Multiple times a day. The first or second time you could argue was a coincidence. But the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth? I don't think so. My companion and I joke all the time okay, when are we going to see Taylor and his brothers today? Even know this boy doesn't have a phone, the Lord finds a way for him to meet with us. We have talked a lot about our church and he is so interested! He says that he wants to be baptized! What a miracle.

Another day, a member came with us out tracting and we went to a potential investigators house. He opened the door and I said, "Hi! We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." He said, "Come in!" WOW. This has not happened once since I have been here! So many people are always so busy and say to come back at a different time, or they aren't interested or just are never home. We taught Martin the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. Sister Tibbits and I testified of Joseph Smith and he said, "I believe you. I am going to read this Book today and when can you come back?" We set a return appointment and are going back on Tuesday! What a miracle.

Tracting, tracting, tracting, that is all you do when you are finding, finding, finding. We wen't to these apartments and when we walked in the door to the lobby this girl sitting by the door says, "Why do I feel like you guys have something to say to me?" Immediately I say, "Because we do!" Her name is Denishia. She never prays because she doesn't know if God is there, and if He is there, she doesn't think that He can hear her. I told her that Heavenly Father loves you SO MUCH. I know that he hears and answers our prayers because He has answered mine. Denishia asked so many good questions! We taught her the Restoration and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. We told her that Joseph Smith went in the woods to pray which church was true, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. As we read the experience in Josephs own words her eyes got all big and she says, "So which church did he choose?!" We said, "He said that none of them have the fullness of the Gospel and that Joseph needed to restore Christ's church back onto the Earth." She thought this was the coolest thing in the world! I felt like I was telling a little kid about Santa Clause or something really exciting like that. I testified that the Book of Mormon was true and I knew it was true because I prayed about and got my answer and she can too. She was like, "Really?!" This was all new to her. She kept saying that we were sent to her for a reason and she loved meeting with us and loved everything that we shared with her. What a miracle. 

As you can see, this week was filled with miracles! I know that our prayers are heard and answered! I am so grateful that I have this knowledge and am able to teach others what I know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so incredible grateful for my testimony, and how much it has grown while I have been out on my mission. No one can argue with your testimony, no one can argue with what you know to be true. I know that the more you share your testimony, the more it will grow! Just remember this Halloween that you have the greatest treat in the whole world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Happy Halloween!
Eat so much candy for me! 
Love and miss you TONS! 
- Sister Ruffner

I am a cow for halloween
our zone p-day
my hair in uncontrollable
ward halloween party
(these are not in order)

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