Monday, January 9, 2017

Let it Snow

Monday for P-day all of the sisters in the zone went to skyzone which is a huge trampoline place for our last hurrah all together before transfers and before Sister Johnson goes home. I have never been to a trampoline park and it was so fun! 

Tuesday we go to transfer meeting. There were only two new sisters and lots of elders coming to the VRM so I could pretty easily guess which missionary I would be training. Her name is Sister Jackson and she is seriously the sweetest person ever! I love serving with her so far! She has so much faith and is so ready to get out there and work hard. We are going to see so many miracles together. Luckily the rest of our district stayed the same, so I am glad I still have that foundation to be able to help me when I need it. 

It is so fun being a trainer! A missionary fresh out of the MTC has so much faith and is ready to work hard. She also has so many good ideas of things I haven't done in a while. We are expecting to see so many miracles this transfer. It is cool to see her learn and grow each day and get better and better with each door approach. I also have learned the importance of being positive. My goal of being positive all the time? I am killing it. When training a new missionary I feel like it is the most important thing to do. I remember that with Sister Tibbits when I would get discouraged, she would always help by being really positive and having lots of faith and that is what I try to do. Sister Jackson thinks I'm crazy sometimes, but it's just so much better to be positive. 

Sister Jackson and I did a lot of finding this week. Like a lot. We have been working super hard all week. The hardest I have ever worked before. The weirdest thing is, I am super tired, and super cold, and SUPER HAPPY! I have never loved life so much before. I am not going to lie we received a lot of rejection this week but I am so happy to be out here serving the Lord. Because of the snow we had to bring our cars in by 5, two days in a row! That was a little bit of a struggle because we called every potential and every former investigator in the area book and only two people answered the phone. We had to get pretty creative in our missionary work. The greatest thing ever though is that we never go home discouraged. After a full day of rejection, the very last person we talk to before going in listens to our message, accepts a Book of Mormon and sets us a return appointment. I know that God loves me!!! Sister Jackson and I always go back to our apartment happy :)

It finally snowed!!! All throughout my life I wasn't a huge fan of the snow. I liked it and it was so beautiful to look at and to play in and things like that, but it's not like I was looking forward to it or anything. When I woke up on Saturday and looked out the window and everything was white... I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I bundled up with all of my layers that I got for Christmas and went outside and it was snowing most of the day and I loved it! It reminded me a lot of home. We were super duper cold when we went tracting and everyone thought we were crazy and told us to go home and be warm, but I was the happiest missionary in the whole world :) 

Last night we couldn't drive to our dinner appointment and it was pretty far away so we didn't want them to have to drive us there and back. The Spotsylvania sisters live right by us and they had a dinner appointment and we got invited to go with them! What a tender mercy. The dad was the first family in Liberia to be baptized. They had church in his house until they had enough people to make a branch. How cool?! So dinner was this really yummy African dish. I never thought that I would be eating African food going to Virginia. That is the coolest most yummy thing I have eaten so far. 

Well, another week down in Virginia. Heavenly Father just amazes me everyday in the things He asks me to do and the way He knows what I need to help me to grow and learn the way I need to. I love Him soooo much. I love sister Jackson and am so excited for what is going to happen this transfer. I love training! What a cool opportunity :)
I love you!

-Sister Ruffner

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