Monday, June 19, 2017

Scripture Power

Transfer calls were on Saturday and I am getting transferred to somewhere else and Sister Buchmiller is staying in Charlottesville second ward! I am going to miss these people SO MUCH. I love the ward and I love the people we are working with! But I am just hanging on for the ride, excited to see where the Lord takes me next. 

June 13 was the day that we decided we were going to drop Jerry. We felt like he wasn't progressing, he didn't have much faith and wasn't willing to try. He has been through some really hard times and he just ends up talking about them the whole time. In our last attempt to help,we gave him a paper with certain scriptures to read each day and a question to answer about the scriptures and how they apply to him. WELL, we go to see him on Tuesday and we start talking to him to see how his day has been and he read all of the scriptures! He did all of the "homework" we gave him and we didn't even remind him! SO we decided not to drop him. Good thing to because, the next lesson we have with him he said that he gave all his money away so he won't be tempted to buy and beer and drink anymore... whatever works! (He works at burger king and gets all his food there, don't worry he gets a salad) He also read all of the new scriptures we gave him each day. Needless to say, he reads the Book of Mormon each day and is applying it to his life! Something else we have been trying to help him to do is to pray for himself. He struggles with that. He says that he doesn't need anything but he prays for us, and he prays for the babies. Well, we had another lesson with him on Saturday and he said that he has seen such a difference in his life from obeying the Word of Wisdom and from reading the Book of Mormon and praying each day. He even had money in the house and didn't buy any beer. At the end of our lesson, he said an amazing prayer! He also prayed for himself! This is a huge miracle! I truly know that the Book of Mormon can change hearts. It all starts with a desire, then you have to act in faith, and then you will receive a witness. He also came to church yesterday even though he got called into work and didn't get home until 3:30 in the morning. Jerry has changed SO MUCH since we first met him. 

After dinner one night we had some time to go tracting. We wanted to pass out at least two Book of Mormons and we only had one hour. So we prayed that we would and went to work. The second house we knock on, a really nice girl answers the door and is so excited to see us! We testify of the Book of Mormon and teach her about it, and she asks us if we have one that she could read. Of course we do! That was miracle one of the night. 
We knocked on some more houses and reach a fork in the road. Straight, left, or right. We only had about ten minutes left. We prayed which way we should go and both felt we should go straight. So we knock on the first door and a really nice man answers the door but isn't interested. We look over and there is someone playing in their driveway. We go and talk to him and teach him about the Book of Mormon and he is so interested! He takes the Book of Mormon and says that he is going to read it. Miracle number two of the night. So we passed out two Book of Mormons in one hour and our prayers were answered! I know that when we show Heavenly Father that we are ready and willing to work, He is going to help us. 

Our appointment fell through on Thursday night so we went to try a couple of houses before we go back in for the night. The first house we knock on opens the door and is super interested in what we have to say. She is says that she doesn't read the Bible as much as she should. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and she was excited to take one. 

Went on a power exchange Friday. We switched companions with our Sister Training Leaders for a few hours. I was able to go with Sister Valentine. We went tracting for a little while and the very first house we knock on... this guy answers the door and says that he goes to an lds church. For a minute I think that we knocked into a member and that is a little embarrassing. He then tells us that he isn't a member but his wife is and that he has been coming to our church. I ask him if he has a Book of Mormon and he says that him and his wife read it every night together! WHAT?! They just moved in and he says that he has just started studying so he doesn't know much yet. We just walked into the most prepared person in the history of the world. haha jk idk if that is true, but STILL. SO COOL! We for sure saw him at church on Sunday :)

John got his temple recommend at church yesterday and should be going this Saturday! I am super excited for John! It is so cool to see how much he has progressed since his baptism. He is also practicing to say the sacrament prayers. He is really nervous for that one, but I know he will do so good. He even has invited his wife to come to church with him and she should be coming next week! You know someone is converted when they start to share it with others. 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the best dad in the whole world! Thank you so much dad for all that you have done for me. I am super lucky to have a dad like you! :) How grateful I am to have such an amazing dad as well as a loving Heavenly Father. I know I would not be the person I am today without both of them in my life.  

All my love, 
Sister Ruffner

1. Sister Sorenson who always gives us food every time we go over no matter what time it is. 
2. Rocky, returning member we go see every week. Has a ROCK SOLID testimony. 
3. Jerry
4. Jean 
5. Sister Moseley, we go help her clean her house every week.
6. Christine, recent convert
7. John Hester! 
8. Judy and Suzie

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