Monday, June 19, 2017

SO busy SO happy

Wow we have been so busy and it is the greatest thing in the whole world. Being busy as a missionary is goals, because I am doing what I was called to do... TEACH! Sister Buchmiller and I are finally seeing the fruits of our labors. 

John passed the sacrament this Sunday at church and it was such a cool thing to watch. He said he was really nervous, especially walking up and down the stairs haha. But it was powerful to see John be worthy to pass the sacrament and hold the priesthood. I am so grateful for all the young men who keep themselves worthy to pass the sacrament. I really would be so lost without it every week.

We have been trying to meet with Illuminee for a while now. We have stopped by her house multiple times and she is never home. She answered the phone once and said that we could stop by and she wasn't there... One day she finally answered the door! But, she said that she was going to be busy for the next 7 months and to come back then. So pretty much we put her on the back burner. UNTIL we get a text from her saying that she is going to be home on Thursday at 6 and we can come then. It was such a surprise! We went on Thursday to teach her and her roommate Kate was there as well and we invited her to join and she asked so many questions! We taught them the restoration and they both said they would be baptized. We are meeting with them both again this week!

We got another surprise text from Crystal, saying that we can come over on Wednesday night. We go and teach her the restoration and she had so many questions as well! She grew up religious but isn't sure what she believes anymore. She said she would come to church and she is going to bring friends! 

We also had a lesson with Maria which was really cool because she is VERY hard of hearing and so we had Sister Stradling come with us and interpret our lesson into sign language. It was a very interesting lesson and we had to make it very simple for her to understand. She is excited to watch the Book of Mormon in ASL on, and come to church! We are meeting with her again this week.

Linda has been really studying the Book of Mormon and the things we teach with real intent. Her husband found her Book of Mormon that we gave her and took it and is really suspicious of us and what we are teaching. Linda told her husband to give it a chance, because if this is true she is going to have to join the church. We have only taught her the restoration but she has been studying. It is so awesome to see someone actually giving it a real chance! 

Jerry is progressing! He still has more to go but he is doing better and better each day! He read the Book of Mormon again and took notes. He also promised that he is going to come to church this week! He lives on the bottom floor of this apartment building and we sit in chairs right outside of his apartment for our lessons. In the middle of one of our lessons with him a giant white trash bag hits the ground right next to us. It scared me to death! Someone on the floor above us threw down her trash so she didn't have to carry it down the stairs. Might have affected the Spirit just a little bit. But pretty funny :) 

As always I am loving my time here in Virginia serving and being a representative of Jesus Christ. I hope you all... HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

❤ Sister Ruffner

Enjoy Sister Buchmiller falling asleep while writing in her journal :) 

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