Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oh Let us Teach you the Gospel...

Monday was Zone Pday which was lots of fun! We got together with the
whole zone and played volleyball and dodgeball and lightning and a
game called Oompa. It was fun to spend the day with some fellow
missionaries. My companion Sister Stoker twisted her ankle pretty bad
a couple of days before so she wasn't able to play.
Of course to end the day we go tracting. One guy said that we could
come back tomorrow which was really nice. Another guy had met with the
missionaries before, like a lot. He has been in the lobby in the
temple to wait for some missionaries to do a session. Because of his
visits with the missionaries he decided to become a preacher and now
goes to lots of different churches and preaches. The told us that we
are the church, I don't go to church because I am the church. I asked
if he disagreed with what the missionaries taught him. He said that he
does and went off for a long time about religion now days and some
things that are different. He thought we were just God's creation, not
children. Which made me really sad! Because we are His children and he
loves us so much!!

We finally got a member out with us! The holiday season is crazy and
it is hard to get members out with us. Sister Grover and her little
girl Bonnie came with us. Bonnie is three and she would go up to the
door and start ringing the doorbell and we would stop her and then she
would try to go walk into their house haha. We had a list of formers
that we were going to go see, but none of them were answering the
door. There was one lady named Christie talking on the phone out in
the street and she was having a very serious phone call, swearing and
yelling. But we walked up to her and started talking to her and she
hung up the phone and talked to us and she was super nice and sweet.
She is in a really rough patch in her life right now. She is renting a
room in this house, but they are kicking her out in two weeks so she
needs to find a place to live and things like that. She said that she
loves Jesus Christ so much and that she prays every night. She doesn't
have a church that she goes to though. So I asked her if she would be
interested in building a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and
going to church. She said yes that is what she really needed right
now, she asked us if we could come back tomorrow. Of course we said
yes, I know that the gospel is going to help her and bless her life so
much! Cute Bonnie went up to her and gave her a big hug (she is not a
shy little girl) and that softened Christie's heart a ton. Sister
Grover is so sweet, she fed us lunch after and made us some hot
chocolate and muddy buddies :)
We went to go do service at Carriage Hill which is an senior
living/rehab facility. We helped them play Bingo. This made me very
very tired haha. But I did see a guy there with six fingers!
Off to dinner at the Pratts. They were such a cute nice family. A
young family with two little girls and a little boy who just talked
your ear off. We had breakfast for dinner which was so good because I
think the last time I had pancakes was like a week before I left to
the MTC (thanks dad). We shared the Mormon message, the Reason Behind
Christmas and had everyone pick a gift that they are going to give
Jesus this Christmas. "I'm not going to brag about my presents."
There is this super nice lady named Sister Kozak and her husband died
this last week so now she is all alone and is having a rough time. So
we went to go see her and lift her spirits and make cookies.
We got to do 12 week training with sister Sylvester and sister Lane
tonight which was lots of fun. I like meeting and studying with other
missionaries :)

District Meeting! We had district meeting today at 10 and I gave a
training on the Atonement and how we can relate it to our
investigators and to ourselves as missionaries. I was so excited to
give this training because I have been studying the Atonement a lot
the past couple of weeks. The Atonement is the biggest most amazing
thing that has ever been done in the entire world. The greatest thing
about the Atonement is that it not only allows us to be forgiven of
our sins, but it gives us strength beyond our own.
We had dinner with the Torricos, and Brother Torrico gave us the most
hilarious advice. He told us to set up a booth at the mall with a sign
that said "Can we give you our number...?" Probably not the best
advice. But, then again, Brother Torrico is always telling us to break
curfew to teach the gospel at their parties. Haha

Anyway I don't have a lot of time today but here are some things from
my week. I am so excited for Christmas on Sunday!
Love you tons!
Sister Ruffner

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