Monday, December 12, 2016

The Church is True

Hello hello hello!

Some fantastic things that happened this week...
We finally had our first FaceTime lesson! It was with Doug who has had
three kids serve missions and his whole family are members. He hasn't
read the Book of Mormon though, so we have been reading with him. So
we face timed him and read 1 Nephi chapter two. (Yes two, he read
chapter one on his own!) it's so cool how you can still feel the
spirit so strongly even through an iPad. I love being a missionary
right now with the tools that we have. He said the closing prayer and
called the Book of Mormon the word of God, so I'm pretty sure that he
knows the church is true but is just being stubborn. But how great
would it be if he got baptized! Then his whole family could be sealed
together in the temple!

Belleh his from Camaroon in Africa. Oh my gosh he is so cool. He used
to be dirt poor in Africa and went to college and then went to Europe
to get his masters and now he is here. He is a professor teaching
business and stats and Mary Washington right now. He has been
investigating the church for about 3 years. He said that once he
started reading the Book of Mormon everything changed. The Book of
Mormon is so powerful! He talked to his mom about him becoming a
Mormon and she wasn't happy about it but, he realized that it is his
choice and it is something that he wants. We invited him to come to a
baptism that was happening in another ward and he came! We had a short
lesson about baptism before and I asked him why he wanted to be
baptized and he gave this beautiful testimony! He is so ready and on
date for January 21st. After he gets back from Camaroon for the

On Thursday we did exchanges and I went with sister Garrigues to the
YSA ward in Fredericksburg which was so fun! I learned so much from
her. It was lots of fun teaching and meeting with people my age. I was
able to go to the street right in front of campus and did some street
contacting. I LOVE street contacting! No one can slam doors in your
face and they have to talk to you and everyone was really nice anyway.
We got 2 new investigators that day and passed out tons of the light
the world cards. YSA people are the best because they are still trying
to figure out what they believe and are way more open. I hope I can
serve YSA at least once on my mission. I was also able to go to
institute! We talked about faith hope and charity which was awesome :)

I seriously love President Smith so much! We had interviews this week
and I learned so much from him! Something that Brother Mills said when
he visited from headquarters is that when the apostles are looking at
your picture to decide where you should be called for your mission a
lot of times they say, "that person needs to be with President
whatever." I definitely believe that I was called to be with President
and Sister Smith.

This week for Christmas I have been studying the Atonement in the Book
of Mormon and I have gained an even greater love for my Savior Jesus
Christ and my Heavenly Father. I know that they love us so much. They
want so badly for us to be able to live with them again and they are
constantly helping us through our lives so that we make the choices to
be able to do that. I know that my Savior lives and is walking beside
me and helping me as I do this work. I love this holiday season so
much! What a great time to be a missionary! The best way to keep
Christ in Christmas is to love and serve others. Light the world!

Love you guys!
Sister Ruffner :)

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