Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Zone P-day again, but instead of doing it in the morning we switched to the evening and so we could go caroling :) It was fun going caroling with the whole zone I didn't think I would be able to go caroling this year. We then did a gift exchange and gave each other fun useless things haha. 
Christmas Conference! This was so amazing! We did a giant skype call with one of the missionary trainers from headquarters and he talked to us about the new technology that we are able to use on our mission. What a time to be a missionary! We then had another skype call with the football recruiter for a college out here (i can't remember which one) he talked about how during our adversity we need to look at it with an eternal perspective. That was cool and then so many amazing musical numbers. Wow this mission is talented. The whole mission was there and it was so good to see sister Johnson and sister Tibbits. 
We did lots and lots of service and delivering cookies to our investigators and painting doll houses and making more cookies. Then we were going to do correlation at the church and the ward mission leader was babysitting his grandkids so he couldn't come. So, we did correlation over face time! It was really cool because he wasn't able to come, but we were still able to do correlation. 
Yay! This day was full of miracles! So we did weekly planning just like all Thursdays. This was another one of those really awesome planning sessions totally led by the Spirit. I am so excited to go teach these lessons that we planned. Just have to wait for people to get home from family for the holidays. Then we went to go see this less active who wasn't home so we went tracting a little bit. We ran into this guy named Tyler who is wondering about God so we were able to have a short lesson on his porch and get is information. Yay! I haven't been able to teach a lesson in a couple to days so that was really awesome. Then we wen't to go see a family who we have only met the kids and we go back all the time and the mom either is busy or isn't home. This was their last chance and then we were going to drop them. We knocked on the door three times and then the mom finally opened the door! It was amazing! She is so prepared, when I pulled out the Book of Mormon and asked her to read it she was like, "Wow this is so tiny! I was expecting you to pull out this big Bible. Of course I will read it!" haha It was really great :) We also were finally able to catch this part member family who we have been trying to get in contact with. We taught a short lesson and they said they would call us to set up a time to come over when the whole family is going to be there. ALSO, the Dabneys, every time we go to their house there is someone else there. We just want to see Doug again! We have taught Doug, his sister Jane, and his son Isaiah. Tonight when we went to go see him though, Doug was there and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and give him one. He said that he would read some of it before we come back (after the holidays of course). 
We went tracting in the morning and the first house we knock on they are like, oh the sisters and let us in. We were really confused and kind of nervous that we were walking into a members house and didn't know it. But, they aren't members there were two daughters and a mother there and we showed them the Christmas video. Then, they started asking lots of questions about our church and what we believe. (So they aren't members, they just have seen the missionaries a lot which is weird because they didn't know anything) We talked a lot about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. The two daughters were really interested and wanted to read the Book of Mormon to see what we were talking about. They love Jesus Christ and think it is cool that there is another testament of Him. They are just visiting from college, and one of them is good friends with another member who is visiting home from college. We set up a lesson with both of them and are going back on Tuesday! We also went caroling again with the just district! 
Christmas eve! Today my companion woke up very sick. So we spent the day at the doctors office. You would be surprised how busy it was for Christmas eve. I was able to drive though which was amazing! ( I really missed driving) I was able to go on a mini exchange for a couple of hours so I didn't have to stay in the apartment all day. Then we made cookies and wrote lots of letters for members and investigators so we could deliver them. We had dinner with the Lawrence's and read Luke 2. It was fun to do that with a crazy family because it felt more like home. Sister Stoker and I opened one present, watched the nativity and slept on the couches to wait for Santa (one of Sister Stoker's family traditions)
Christmas day! We woke up and opened all our presents. Thank you everyone who sent me packages and letters you are amazing!! Church was from 10-11. It was combined with all three wards and so some of it was Spanish. We went through the story of Jesus Christs birth. Sister Mcghee's husband came, his first time coming to church! He is not a member but loves it when we come over. He started talking with Brother Marker and he was pretty much taught all the lessons in 20 minutes haha. Brother Marker is such a good member missionary :) We went to lunch and watched a family open all of their presents under the tree which was so special! Then to see Sister Linthacum. Oh how I love to go see Sister Linthacum, she has dementia and lives in a nursing home. She is so funny, and is great at sharing the gospel with the other residents. Dinner at the Helzers, and calling my family! That was so special. It was good to see all of your faces, and hear all of your voices! And another dinner at the Markers with homemade burritos with homemade tortillas. yum. 

Well that is an overview of my whole week. I hope it wasn't too long but I just had to share :) I love and miss you all so much! I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing in my life right now. I love missionary work! I love being a missionary and helping my Father in Heaven accomplish his goal, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and being able to testify of Him every day, at every doorstep. It was so special to celebrate His birth while on my mission. I know that Jesus Christ lives! I am so thankful for all He did and still does for me every day. 

Love you!
Sister Ruffner

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