Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay

Transfers happened this week and Sister Sylvester left :( she has been
with me my whole mission. She was my sister training leader in
Tappahannok and then came to Fredericksburg with me and was in my same
district. I am going to miss her tons!! But the good news is, Sister
Jackson and I are staying here in Chancellor!! Yay!!

First, we were going to see some former investigators around and we
knock on Misty Hernandez door and her daughter answered and said she
would go get her mom. When Misty came to the door she said that she
had met with missionaries before but she wasn't interested. He
daughter turned to her mom and pleaded that she would let us in. She
kept saying, "Please mom, please let them in!" Over and over again,
(she was a crazy kid). Well she finally let us in and she just started
spitting out so many questions. We answered all of her questions and
she really liked what we said! She even asked us for a Book of Mormon
and gave us her number so we could meet with her again. She was super
interested once we started talking with her. She invited us to come
over again when her husband is here so that we can teach him too. She
pretty much told us that she is in but we just have to get her husband
to agree. Her daughter the whole time was telling her mom that she
wants to go to our church. 😁😁

Doug who is getting surgery and whose family all lives in Utah, his
wife flew out and we were able to meet her at church! She is super
sweet. Doug asked for a patriarchal blessing (he knows it works) and
was crying through the whole thing. The spirit was SO STRONG during
the blessing. When the blessing finished he said thank you and started
talking about how much sister Jackson and I were able to help him and
give him comfort and he just started crying! It really was the
sweetest thing. I am so glad that we were able to be there for him
while he has been out here. He is really scared for his surgery and I
am hoping something will happen to soften his heart. He always told us
how much his wife doesn't love him, but this is going to be such a
help as he decides what God wants him to do. His heart will be
softened, literally. 💕💕

As we were walking back from a lesson down the street we were walking
past a lady with a couple kids in her yard. She yelled out to us, "Hey
I love your outfits! That's my favorite color!" We both look down and
are wearing black haha. We walked over to talk to her and she said,
"I'm trying to quit smoking, can you guys help me?" Of course we said
yes!! Then she told us to come in and meet her daughter. We went
inside and her daughter is super nice, she is a Jehovah Witness though
so she tried to argue with us the whole time. But the Mom, Diane, said
that we could come back the next day. So when we go back Diane told us
that she has really studied the Jehovah Witness beliefs and tried to
give it a good shot but she just couldn't because she didn't believe
the same things. She said she had seen us walking down the street
before and when we walked down the street the other day that we were
glowing. She didn't know what to call out but she just had to say
something to get us to stop and talk to her. She is absolutely
prepared and has really been soaking everything in that we have taught
her!! 😇😇

As you can see things are really moving along! I am being so blessed
with finding such amazing people to teach! I am so grateful for this
opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and to be in
the right places at the right times. Heavenly Father loves his
children and leads us to those who need us. I am excited to be apart
of even more miracles this next week!

Love you tons!!
- Sister Ruffner

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