Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hit the Dooooors!

This past Sunday Belleh shared his testimony in sacrament meeting! He is really becoming such a great member. He is learning so much and progressing so fast! He is excited to get the priesthood and I am so excited for him! It is great to see the effects that the gospel has on someones life. It is great when I see people change and become happier, but when they see it in themselves it is all the better :) The scriptures are right, there really is no greater joy than bringing others into the gospel! 

We have some pretty awesome investigators right now who are slowly but surely progressing! 
Derrick is so afraid of baptism. He says that we are so lucky to have been baptized when we were eight so we wouldn't have to worry about it when we got older. I told him that if I was given the chance now, I would be baptized. That didn't convince him of much... What do you do when the Jehovah Witnesses start coming to your investigators house?! I don't know but it made me REALLY UPSET. Derrick is too nice to not let them in when they asked. The Jehovah Witnesses gave Derrick a pamphlet to read and wrote down their number and some scriptures to read and we asked Derrick if we could look at them and we asked if we could take it home with us so we could read it. So we took it back to our apartment hehe. Luckily Derrick said that he likes us teaching him better and he wouldn't join the Jehovah Witnesses because his birthday is too important not to celebrate. Hopefully when they find out Derrick is meeting with Mormon missionaries they don't fight back too hard. 

We also went to this random less active's house who the home teacher is in ward council and said he was nice so we should go see him. His name is Brother Miller and what a miracle, he is such a nice guy! He is married to a nonmember but still has a super strong testimony in the gospel. He knows that the church is true and defends it when his family talks about any anti. He said that he would come to church one of these days, and that he really needs to meet with the bishop and get his life back together. I am so excited to start meeting with this nice couple! 

What do you do when all your appointments fall through and you don't know what to do? Hit the Doooooors!!! We did lots of tracting this week, and had lots of funny experiences. I have really learned to love tracting. (going from door to door) Sister Jackson and I made up our own version of the scene from the movie "UP" when Russel goes to Mr. Fredricksens door to ask him if he can help him cross his lawn. 
Missionary version:
Missionaries: Good Afternoon, we're the missionaries. Are you in need of any assistance today?
Person at the door: No
Missionaries: We could... help you find the true church?
Person: No
Missionaries: We could...help you find true happiness?
Person: No
Missionaries: Well, we gotta help you find somethin!
haha you know, when your tracting for long periods of time ANYTHING becomes funny. 

Well, I miss and love you all! I hope you all have a great week and keep enduring to the end! Remember that this church is true, and the gospel can and will solve all of lifes problems if you let it. Jesus Christ is your Savior and he loves you more than you can imagine! 

❤- Sister Ruffner

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