Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See?

Spring has brought me such a nice surprise...
haha I just am loving the blossoms blooming everywhere! Especially the cherry blossoms. It is weird having Spring come so early, but I am LOVING IT!

I could write a novel about this week so many crazy things happened...

We met Chrissy not too long ago just going on a walk down the street and we talked to her, she said that we could come over and teach her. Her husband is in jail right now and she has three kids with this guy, Patrick. So we go over to her trailer that she lives in and another person answers the door, her name is Jessica. We find out that Jessica is married to Patrick (Chrissy's boyfriend who is in jail) but have been separated for nine years, and Jessica and Chrissy are living together in the same trailer while Patrick is in jail. They are good friends! It is pretty weird. So we have been teaching them, but Chrissy is really believing everything that we teach her. She is struggling a little bit with money and everything, so after food orders we gather the extra food and the Bishop brings it over with us. Chrissy said that Patrick called her and wants her to come to church with us. Yay! Before she was just going to wait until he gets out but we kept inviting her and promising blessings, and this happened. It was really crazy because she can't drive and has a one, two, and five year old, so that would be three car seats in one car and she also only had one car seat. So we had to hunt down a driver who had a big car with no one to fill it, and who had two extra car seats. She also didn't own a dress or shoes besides tennis shoes, so we went to good will to buy her a dress and shoes. Just like always, it all worked out and she made it to church. The kids were pretty crazy in sacrament meeting which was hard because we can't pick up or hold kids. Luckily a member was there to help us, and we handed them off to the nursery and primary after sacrament. Chrissy and her kids loved it and want to come back next week! Which is good but we really are going to need to find more help haha. Her boyfriend should be getting out in the next couple of days, then we just need to get them married and baptized! 
Right before church started, someone in the previous ward turned on the fire alarm and so the fire truck came and they checked everything inside to make sure it was safe, so that was an adventure! Good thing it was done for church. 

There is a family who is moving in a couple of days and the dad left a couple weeks ago for the mom to take care of the five CRAZY uncontrollable kids and pack everything. How rude. Anyway, so we went to go help just like tons of others from the ward and let me tell you, it was a struggle. There was mold, flies, and maggots everywhere. Think about the hoarder show on TV and then times that by ten. It was so gross. We were helping her pack the kitchen and throwing broken plates and other gross things away and she came and took them out of the trash and packed them. It was... gross. But hey, I'm just here for the ride.

Doug's surgery went really well! He is recovering better than expected! He was able to go home three days after his surgery. His wife is seriously the sweetest and I love seeing her at church and getting to go see her and Doug. I know that one day he will get baptized so they will be able to be sealed together! 

We got a new district, and also our ward boundaries changed so we have lots of new people to go meet! Our ward was lucky and didn't change too much, we just lost some less actives and gained quite a few more less actives. I am excited to go meet them though! There is one less active that we went and saw on Saturday, Koko Swann and she came to church on Sundayand bore her testimony in Releif Society. It was beautiful and inspiring, she has such a strong testimony and coming to church helped remind her of the truthfulness of the church. Her husband is a nonmember and she said that he has been wanting to try out our church as well!

I am so beyond grateful for all the success that God has blessed Sister Jackson and I with. I am so grateful to be an instrument in the Lords hands, everyday being led to those people who are so prepared and ready to receive the gospel! It really is the way to true happiness and eternal life! I KNOW this is the true church restored back to the earth for the latter days. I know that this work is led by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and it wouldn't work any other way. 
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY SOOO MUCH!!! There really is no greater calling. 

Love you all!
Sister Ruffner

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