Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tally Ho

First let me tell you about John! John is a super amazing guy that the elders before us had been teaching. He has been working really hard on keeping the word of wisdom. He smokes blacks and drinks beer every day and to quit things like that people normally would go to coffee and he has to quit that too. He said that he used to do some heavy drugs and one day knew that this isn't what he wanted for himself anymore so he knelt down one day and prayed that he would be able to quit. He immediately quit that day and didn't have a problem with it again. This is a little harder for him but he has been working really hard. But because of that experience he had he knows that God is there and is going to help him through. This week Sister Buchmiller and I focused on repentance as we helped him to quit. Repentance truly is a joyful choice, you are able to have heavens help as you try to keep the commandments. He has officially decided to obey the word of wisdom 100%. He has been drinking lots of water and koolaid and sucking on lots of candy but whatever helps is good! He was interviewed for baptism this Sunday and is ready to be baptized this Saturday! Wow John is such a cool guy! He has also made a goal to get his whole family to come to church as well. I think that John just started something big! I'm excited to see how his family reacts. They have already seen a big change in him and hopefully will want that same change in themselves. 

The biggest miracle of the week I think is when we were going tracting on Tally Ho dr.... we'll we were going to go tracting but the first house we go to knock on Kathy is in her yard holding a little bird. We walked up to her and she greets us super enthusiastically, wow she is such a sweet lady. She said that the windows on her house are so shiny and birds are always flying into them. She will go out and help them until they are good enough to fly again. So she started talking to us like we were her daughters and said how her daughter was best friends with a Mormon and wanted to go into the temple but couldn't. She said that she has read the whole Book of Mormon. She invited us to come inside and she gave us a whole chunk of the cookie dough she just made to take home and make cookies. She also wrote down our names so she can remember us when we come back over, and to call her sis Kennedy haha. We were excited when she said that! It was a huge miracle to have someone welcome us right in and want us to come back! 

Another day we were walking down the street and a girl on the back porch yells out to us, "Hey are you mormons?" We said yes! And she said that she had just gotten baptized the end of October. She said that the church shunned her in her last ward. So when we finally were able to meet with the Bishop (he left for spring break this last week too) he told us that her records had just gotten moved into the ward. He said that he was going to reach out to her but he was just too slow because she called out to us! Heavenly Father really cares about his children and I know He leads them to us or us to them! 

We had interviews with President this week which was amazing!! He really is such an amazing president I feel so much love and support from him which is what I need! He helps me become a better missionary every time I meet with him. What a spiritual boost. 

Well this next week is Easter! What a great holiday that we are able to celebrate our Savior and all that he has done for us. "He was crucified, died, and rose again the third day;" which changed the whole world. Because of that we are able to live again, to repent and be free of all feelings of guilt, we are able to become like Him and to live with Him again. I am so incredibly grateful for my Savior and the Love he has for all of us. Let's all remember Him this Easter season.

Just like always have a great week! 
Sister Ruffner :) 

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