Sunday, September 3, 2017

Prayers Answered... Finding Accomplished

So this transfer (6 weeks) our goal is to find 24 new investigators.
That means 4 new each week. So last night we were still in need of one
more investigator we had about 30 minutes until we had to go. We pray
to be able to pass out one Book of Mormon and find one more
investigator. We go out with all the faith in the world and knock on
doors and talk to everyone we see knowing we are going to find them.
We knock and knock and no one is answering. We share a video with a
couple who is really not interested. We knock some more. More
uninterested people. As we move to another door, the first door we
just knocked on opens the door as the door we are at opens the door.
Talk about stressful! We talked to the man in front of us, his name is
Gardy. Let me tell you, he was very interested in the Book of Mormon
and the fact that there could be more stories of Jesus Christ. He
thought that was the greatest thing. Grady said he wants to read the
Book and for us to come back on Tuesday! In case you were wondering,
Heavenly Father answers prayers. I also learned the importance of
making goals. Especially ones that stretch you. Heavenly Father cares
about our goals, as he helps us make them He will help us accomplish
them. Heavenly Father loves us and cares about our progression and
improvement. How grateful I am for Him.

Last week I forgot to tell you about Angel. She is a nine year old
girl who has less active parents but a huge desire to be baptized. Her
dad said that she can be baptized after she memorizes all of the
articles of faith. SHE DID IT! She is going to get baptized this

We also went to go see Sister Romagnolo. She is an older lady, recent
convert, less active who we teach once a week. We asked if she needed
help with anything. She said yes and asked if we could put a patch on
her back. She asked us where we want to do it. We said wherever she
wants. Naturally we went to the kitchen, she proceeded to pull down
her shorts... then her men's boxers. Sister Franks put the patch on
her bottom. Yupp. Then we went back into the living room and Sister
Franks and I sat on the couch. Sister Romagnolo nicely brought us some
water, while bending over and placing it on the table in front of us
she farted. Right. In. My. Face.

Missionary work still is as good as ever. There is nothing I would
rather be doing. Sister Franks and I were talking about how glad we
are to have served a mission. There are so many amazing things that I
have learned that I couldn't learn in any other way. I have come to
know my Savior more than I ever thought I could. He truly is my best
friend. This is the most rewarding work in the whole world.

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