Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Follow Me"

What another great week being a representative of Jesus Christ. There truly is nothing better. 

Wow let me tell you, John has progressed so much! He doesn't have the greatest education and can't read very well, let alone scripture language...He started off reading 4 or 5 verses every couple of days. The more we have read with John the faster he has gotten and he now reads chapters every couple of days! It is amazing to see the power of the Holy Ghost and the power of prayer! John's eyes literally glow he is so happy! He has found true purpose in his life. He calls the Book of Mormon the road map to life. He has truly experienced the power of the Atonement, and continues to use it each day! It is so exciting to see the effects of the gospel. 

Margaret from London decided to have us over for dinner one night, SO NICE. She bought a pizza and made a salad and since she grew up in the war years she made us eat all of it. I practically rolled out of her house at the end of the night. Oh the things I do for these people to come to Christ...

 We were walking outside one day and this boy was blowing bubbles with his dad Jerome. We wen't and talked to them and he said that he has been meaning to start going to church again and to bring his son to church. He asked is 3 year old, "Do you want to go to church?" He said yes! He is going to love primary :)

The other day I was reading in Matthew 4
18: And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.
19: And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
20: And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.
21: And going on from thence, he saw other two brethren, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother in a ship with Zebedee their father, mending their nets; and he called them.
22: And they immediately left the ship and their father, and followed him.

I thought it was so cool how they straightway and immediately followed Jesus Christ. They left their nets behind and followed him. If the Savior were to call me today, would I be just as willing to leave my nets and follow Him? 
What are some nets that could be keeping us from following the call of Jesus Christ?
work, laziness, computer, phone, money, school, doubt, fear, etc. It can and will be different for each person. 
I know that completely following the Savior won't always be an easy thing. You can look at the lives of the prophets, they were all persecuted and endured many trials. It is no different today. There are so many trials that will come, but as we follow Christ we know that we are walking with Christ. We are given all that we need to succeed. He will reach out, heal, enable, and strengthen us as we struggle. With our Savior we will be able to do things we couldn't only on our own. 
"As Jesus the Christ stood on the shores of the Sea of Galilee 2,000 years ago, so stand He today, issuing the same call He gave to those faithful fishermen and now to all who will hear His voice: "Follow me!" We have nets that must be tended and nets that must be mended. But when the Master of the ocean, earth, and sky calls to us, "Follow me," we should leave the entangling, worldly nets behind and follow His footsteps."
I know that as we follow our Savior Jesus Christ that we will experience more joy than we can even comprehend. When we go through hard things, we will not ever regret leaving the things of the world, and following Him as He leads us to complete joy and eventually, eternal life.

The church is true everybody, and I plead with you to straightway and immediately heed the Savior's call to leave your nets and follow Him!

❤Sister Ruffner

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