Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

I don't know if any old man is snoring but wow I have never seen so much rain in my whole life. I don't think it has stopped raining in the last 3 days. I can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing. I didn't miss swimming anymore when we wen't tracting the other day because I felt like I had just jumped into a pool. WE WERE SO WET. On the other hand, everything is turning so green! There are no more bare trees with no leaves. I feel like just walking down the street that I am in the jungle... 

Update on John:
He is doing great! Reading the Book of Mormon every day and super excited to get the Priesthood! Should be getting it next Sunday. 

We met with Jean again this week and she really is the sweetest lady you will ever meet! She said that her only concern with being baptized is that she doesn't think she can commit to the church. So glad that she finally brought out her concern with being baptized. When we wen't to go see her on Thursday every time we asked her if she would be baptized she completely and immediately would change the subject. It was almost comical. We asked if she would prepare to be baptized on May 6th and she started talking about how she broke her thumbs when she went white water rafting. 
Don't worry... SHE CAME TO CHURCH. It was crazy because Ward Council got out a little late so we walk into the chapel and didn't see Jean anywhere so we sat down thinking that she didn't come. During Sacrament meeting we get a text from the Gospel Principles teacher that he is sick and asked if we would give the lesson. Of course we said yes, so right after Sacrament Meeting we wen't to the classroom. We found out later that night when we called her that she was there! She found Brother Quillon and sat by him and said that so many members talked to her. So in a way it was a good thing because she felt so welcomed and comfortable in the church. She loved it! It was so great to hear! Wow are ward is so amazing with fellow shipping and making our investigators feel welcome. If you ever see someone new at church that you don't know... go say hi!

Randomly one day we decided to go see this less active and her husband was outside who is not a member and was super nice to us! We talked for a couple minutes and then he said to come back tomorrow when his wife will be there. So we go back tomorrow and I have met way to many less actives who just want nothing to do with the missionaries so needless to say, I was nervous. She was so nice! She told us that her and her husband Henry go to bed and wake up really early so we would need to come earlier in the day. We set up a time to meet her today! It was such a great miracle she wanted to meet with us.

Calling potential and former investigators has been working really well in this area. It has never worked in any of my past areas but every time we call someone they say that we can come by and meet with them and their families! Thank you to all the missionaries who served here before us.
One in particular, Margaret. She is from London England so some things she says really don't make any sense, but her accent is my favorite :) She loves having us come over and she said she would always read the Book of Mormon with the Elders before. She said she was so happy to hear that Sister's were coming over. She said that she still hasn't decided whether the Book of Mormon is true or not yet, but willing to keep reading and praying!

I am so grateful for this opportunity for me to be a missionary! I am so grateful that I am able to meet so many amazing people each day. I am grateful to be able to walk in the Saviors shoes and be his representative. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of this gospel and that I am able to share this good news to all that I come in contact with. How great is my calling!

Well, that's another end to another great week

Sister Ruffner

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